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Tolerance has a New Focus

When reviewing the article and the posters that the Toronto District School Board have provided to their 600 schools I can understand what hey are trying to accomplish but see a much more aggressive campaign.  If Mr. Bird is quoted saying “The goal of the campaign was to identify safe, welcoming and inclusive school spaces for all students,”.  Then it seems they are confused.  This is not for a safe school environment.  If it was then there would be a broader range of subjects covered here rather than focusing on just one and excluding the others.  Have they thought that what they are accomplishing about bullying is that if you are Gay and Bullied we care and will be there for you, but if you are of a different faith, background, colour, or disabled then deal with it.


Is it that individuals within the teenage bracket who feel different because they are attracted or curious about the same sex commit or attempt to commit suicide the reason why there is focus placed on this?  From the Canadian Mental Health Association they mention statistics but are not showing anything in regards to the suicide rate of individuals linked to homosexuality and abuse of it.  Even reviewing the short article about a Homosexual Teen who committed suicide was depressed not because he is homosexual but because he is getting bullied and picked on.  Was this attention because he is an open Homosexual or because he did not have the support by family and friends to get him through this.  There is the real question.  Those of us that are not strong and do not have a support group behind them can easily fall to suicide, the cowards way out.


Why such a harsh commit?  Well I believe it is true as it takes more courage to go on with life even with the prospect of ridicule, name calling, physical and emotional threats presenting themselves each and every day.  Someone who has come through years of abuse knows that everyday, even 20 years later, you are dealing with the internal scars to our emotional and mental state.  It can make daily tasks more difficult than the average person.  I wish I could have my childhood back and only had to deal with bullying, but on top of the bullying from the school environment I had to deal with going back to an abusive household.  Yet I never went to suicide to escape.  I had to gather the courage and talk to people not only to save myself but to save my younger siblings.


We need not concentrate on Homosexuality and teach this to our children.  This is not a place for our school.  If people feel that school is not a place for religion then why would they think it is a place for sexuality.  Homosexuality can be introduced and taught within the Human Sexuality class that is provided within High School or is this now offered in Grade School.  This comes from another group that is using its force to play with society and use government funding to push forward an agenda.  What is it?  I am not sure yet, as I am sure they are not thinking Homosexuality is going to be the new norm because if it is then humanity is extinct.



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