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Does Anyone have a Solution?

It seems that we are still at a stand still as to what we should do with Pedophiles.  Now we know that there are those that want them hung or killed and then there are those that say we should castrate them.  Being that the majority of pedophiles are men it could prove to be quite beneficial but does it solve the problem.  Is the a mental originating issue or does it come from down below?  Either way we need to figure out what to do.


People are becoming nervous as now they hear of these people residing in their own neighborhoods.  How can we protect our children?  Do we rely on the police and the system it uses to keep us safe?  I have a hard time with this as the system maintains that the criminal will check-in and if they do not then the police will come.  It sounds great but with the ever looming reality that cut backs had to be made and efforts are focusing on revenue generation then rushing over to a convicted criminal as they did not check in on time or at all.  So although the police are doing the best they can with what they have it is not making us feel any safer.  Even publishing addresses would be great so that you know where they reside and can keep an eye on them (but still respect their privacy).  The issue I have with this is vigilantism and the fact that property values will drop when it is known that you have convicted criminals living in or near your very own neighborhood.


What can be done?  I think we can agree that no one knows what to do.  No one wants to come out and say that it is incurable because this could lead to justification for the death sentence or permanent imprisonment.  With the age of these criminals ranging from teenager and up you need to think of long-term, but we have nothing.  We just need to come up with something or else we will be encountering a preventable issue that will not be good for the government or law enforcement.

National Post | News

VANCOUVER — RCMP with B.C.’s Child Exploitation Unit say they won’t recommend sex tourism charges against a convicted pedophile who was arrested after returning home from five years in a Thailand prison.

Christopher Neil is set to appear before a judge just south of Vancouver today to be assessed for release and conditions, based on a section of the criminal code aimed at public safety.

The 37-year-old was sentenced for sexually assaulting a young boy after an international manhunt found he disguised his face behind a digital swirl in images of abuse posted online.

Police arrested Neil when he arrived at Vancouver’s airport on Friday, taking him to a Richmond, B.C. jail cell.

Neil hasn’t committed any offences in Canada, but police believe he could be at risk to re-offend.

Cpl. Mat Van Laer says that while there are laws aimed at prosecuting Canadians who commit crimes out of the…

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