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Are the Liberals Crying Again?

Why is it when anything is brought out that has been documented that gives Canadians a true picture of where a candidate is coming from and what lies in the back of their minds they say it is out of context. I think we can all translate this to “this is negatively affecting my career strategy and I do not appreciate people bringing up the past to contradict what lies I am feeding you now”. This is not just for Justin, although I might as well take a student graduating from a political science degree as they have more knowledge on politics and procedures and Canada than he does. For those that support him great for you. For those that vote for him, why would you let a 10-year-old drive you on the highway? No you want someone with experience. Someone who knows how to handle situations quickly and safely without having to have committees and panels and waste-of-money reports. We need to understand as Canadians that we need to get our spending in check and since we have spent so much over the many years we need to cut back on what we do. We wish we could help everyone but we need to be realistic or else the economy fails and the great depression starts all over again and maybe even worse. Canadians please get with the fiscal responsibilities that Canada needs.

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