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No Soup For You!

It seems it is just like the Seinfeld episode.  The government, like the “soup nazi”, is telling Canadians that there is no jobs for them and they will bring people from other countries into our own to fill vacancies in jobs.  Would it not be a better economical solution to take those that want to, unemployed and employed, and offer them training and co-operative working.  The employer is allowed to pay a lower rate to the worker for an initial year period, which is subsidized by the government and then after the 12 months the employer is entitled to pay fair wages.

Now more and more Asian based companies in Canada will only bring over there own workers from their country.  Why?  They can pay them minimally and they do not have to worry as they are here on temporary visas.  I can see having to bring specific skilled labour from other countries but you cannot tell me we require people from the out of our country to work in Sales, this has been seen in some places of business where it seems there is not one Canadian at all?  Does our government even look into thee things because there is at least 20 positions that could be filled by unemployed Canadians selling merchandise from a distribution side.  Everyone does deserve something but we need to get back to basics were we create a strong country that cannot be dematerialized through loose laws and bleeding hearts.  Out of all the options out there I do not think you need specific Chinese workers to sort rocks.  Why is it not law that, for any company, for every 1 employee from a foreign country their must be 4 Canadian employees.

Has it just gotten to the point that no one cares as they are not affected by this or it has not hit them yet.  I also want to state that I do not feel all Canadians are of white skin as some ultimately always take this too.  What matters to me is, are you Canadian and why are not Canadians working in Canada jobs.

National Post | News

VANCOUVER — Tumbler Ridge is a coal mining town, tucked away in northeastern B.C. All of its largest employers are in the same business: Extracting high quality coal from the ground and shipping most of it to Asia, where demand is insatiable.

The first Chinese investors arrived in Tumbler Ridge almost 10 years ago and began purchasing coal-bearing properties. They even bought a small lodge. And now the first wave of Chinese coal miners have landed, to the chagrin of some. Chinese money is welcome in Tumbler Ridge, it seems. But Chinese muscle is another story.

HD Mining International Ltd. is a private partnership, established last year by Chinese-owned entities, including the Chinese government. In April, the partnership obtained permission from Ottawa to hire on a temporary basis 201 foreign workers, for the development of a potential underground mine just south of Tumbler Ridge.

The Murray River coal project could…

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