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Does Violence and Muslims go Hand in Hand?

Why does it seem that when I read the news there is always violence associated with Muslims.  I have tried to never prejudge anyone, but it has reached a point where we cannot be blind any further.  I guess the biggest issue is that, I believe, there is a large amount of Muslims that are peaceful.  The issue is they call themselves by the same names that the rapists, murders, bullies, really just evil people also call themselves.  There is no distinction between a good and a bad.  Should there be?

Why do we not see this in any other religion?  There are bad people in all religions but when you take a head count it does not even come close to 1%, but when we look at the Muslim faith it seems to be more around 20% and with no action taken by their own religious organization we can only assume that they condone this type of barbarism.  Those that stand in silence are just as bad as those that beat a child to death, tape a bomb onto a women’s body, fires into a civilian crowd, execute a soldier or simply dragging a dead body, someones father, through the streets to publicly humiliate them and their family, as they are already dead or will be once the dragging stops.

These Muslims that are violent and abuse power are like children with no parents.  Rogues in our society.  We feel bad for them as they have not progressed into the 19th century.  Yes this is not a mistake.  I do know that we are in the 21st century, it is just these people of violence that follow a Muslims faith are not.  There will be a lot of people upset by some of the things in this commentary and maybe some death threats.  Great, bring them on you ignorant fool.  It amazes me that everyone is afraid of pushing down their culture so that it does not infringe on a nation’s culture, like ours.  See there is a story that most Canadians and Americans share.  Our parents, Grandparents, Great grandparents were looking for something better and came here, settled, adapted to the culture here.  Maintained their own culture background in their home and, sometimes, in small communities.  They grew their family and helped build the country we are proud to call Canada with its own laws and culture.  Now it seems there is another group where some people feel that they are above everything.  Why and who?  Well we know it is Muslims and why do they act this way.  Well look at how deep their religion is entangled into their lives.  It is so entangled and they are so brainwashed that they cannot function if something falls out of their realm of laws set by the Qur’an and Muslim Scriptures.  All they can do is protest, use violence, use court systems, use weak-minded politicians to change the way of others so they do not need to change.  This is how the war is going to be won by Muslims.  By eroding the foundation and cultures of other civilizations and forcing those to adapt to them rather than them adapting to us.

So many cultures have been able to do this successfully.  Why is it that there is one faction in our society that pushes and pushes to make things more comfortable for them.  I am sorry but all those people before , now and in the future left their own countries for something better.  That something better is what we as Canadians have built.  And not just built by white guys but built by years of slavery, colour, blood, war.  All of these things have made our country and others great.  A country where women have the same rights as men, some may argue more, but nonetheless the same.  Why do people around the world support a group that moves against where the rest of the world wants to go.  A group that uses violence to enforce their rights and tramples on the rights of others.  There seems to be so many reasons why we should not and can not support them.  Then in the same breath I know there is many Muslims that are not violent, who respect women, who welcome the culture and law of Canada.  I guess all the good Muslims just came here, but then how do we explain these faith-based murders of family members.  I hate to end on this but these type of stories of wives and young girls getting murdered and the reason is: they did not listen to me or follow the teachings of my religion.  This excuse is gone too far.  If only we could reverse the power women and children have in the Muslim world.  Maybe then the more intelligent ones could bring their faith into the 21st century.  I will wait.

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