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Don’t Eat for the Prime Minister Meet

I understand that she is protesting but is it not customary to meet with the people who have been put in charge of a government body that directly handles the issue you are protesting about.  The other parties and leaders of other organizations have all seen this as opportunistic and so has the Chief.  I mention this because why has she met with people who can do nothing for her, Justin Trudeau for example, yet will not meet with the one person that can get things moving forward in dialogue and process, not saying that she has any rights to what she is asking for.  


The relationship between Aboriginals and Canadian Citizens has become more and more interesting throughout the years.  For one, as a Canadian we cannot practice our Canadian law on an area that a Band has marked as their own.  Although in the past, there was a many bands that would not be settled in one location and would move or follow the food supply so they did not starve.  The aboriginals, on top of this, can cause disruption in areas that is not on their land such as railroad and road blockages.  They are not held to the same level as Canadian Citizens.  They are placed higher as they have used force to remove innocent people from their homes, used weapons to back off police or RCMP advances.  They get special designations of land and zoning so they can build and create Casinos were the money flows into the pockets of the Aboriginal people of that Band.  In some areas they are given a set amount of money at the age of 18, which is usually siphoned off before then by thugs and other corrupt people within their own “family”.


I do not see our Aboriginal people hurting.  I see a people who cannot control, discipline themselves to be successful.  I will say that there are many successful Aboriginal people, but there are just as many or more on the other side of the scale.  They have pride like no one else and I admire them for that.  Just like others, enough is never enough though.  Once they reach their first level they simply move on to the next to get more and more.  Why not try equalizing yourselves with all of Canadians rather than stepping on the heads of Canadians to get what you want.  You are not better than any of us and just because someone over 200, let us even say 100, years ago was not treated fairly does not mean you are entitled to compensation.  Especially when they were not affected directly by it.  


If she does not want to meet with Aboriginal Affairs minister John Duncan then why should our Prime Minister give her any time.  It would be like going up to someone and saying here you just won a new house and then they turn to you can go well can you get me a bigger one because I have 18 people to live under this roof.  There is a process in place and one should follow it or else the Prime Minister cannot get anything done.  We all must understand that stubbornness can get you no where and out of all of this she, Theresa Spence, is the one being stubborn.


Again too much bad press has tarnished the perception of our Aboriginal people and this again does the same.  You have been given an opportunity twice now to meet with the Government of Canada and just because the names of the people wishing to work towards a resolution do not have the name you want them to have you do not want to meet with them.  I can only end with, if she dies it is no ones fault except stubbornness on her part. 

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